An exhibition of unique emotions
Veneto Venti Venti

Images of suspended life
Massimo Saretta Photographer

Promoting the beauties that surround us in a setting of utter “emptiness”.
Looking for, standing by, finding, reaching, discovering and finally enjoying new places, so close to us yet so often never visited. Those were just some of the vibes we experienced. Our adventure began on those amazing grounds, leading us throughout the seven wonderful Venetian cities for months, virtually in silence to somehow worship each place in that empty surrealistic world.

Visiting and experiencing, in an absolute solitude, the streets, alleys, churches, theaters and palaces that have marked the history of our region – and beyond – gave us a thrill that filled our hearts and minds. Undoubtedly we were awarded with a great privilege, for which we will always be grateful to all those who made it possible.